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C&V leaflet distribution

2 star rating

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Business Services > Advertising

10A Gibson Road, Hemswell Cliff
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 5TL

Tel 01522 683225


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we are able to help any business promote themselves by delivering there promotional material any where in the east midlands on a solus basis at a very competitive rate.

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heidi - 25/04/2011

1 star rating

Awful experience. The company had no respect for the fact that the distribution had not gone to plan and still required payment for work and even threatened court action. Having used them for over A year I was disgusted to find my material had not been going to where it should have been. My advertisers therefore felt let down by ourselves despite this being out of our control. Needless to say I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. Since ending our relationship with them last year we have had numerous distributors phoning and emailing informing us that they have not been paid by them.

karl anders - 27/03/2012

1 star rating

Worked for these for a year in there main delivery team, after falling behind with wages they ended up ripping me off for over a months wages (even covering a day where i required hospital treatment for a dogbite to the finger) Won't respond to messages at all and i've given many chances to reply. Got the workers delivering betterware books and then ripped betterware off for £1000's. Shame what's happened to this business.

Robert - 09/09/2013

5 star rating

I regularly have 20 000 leaflets delivered with C&V Leaflet Distribution and I am always pleased with the results, they collect from me and deliver them to the areas I choose within my timeframe.

I have used other companies in the past which use GPS systems but although their data says they have been up the streets the houses are missed and upon examining their data closer it appears it has been in a slow moving vehicle or bike...

Needless to say I was disgusted by this and changed to C&V Leaflet Distribution and have been delighted.

Elliott Fisher - 08/12/2013

1 star rating

I'm a former distributor as is Karl for C&V Leaflet Distribution and I am disgusted by the why they treat their distributors, their site claims to train distributors monthly, this is a straight forward lie, I had never been trained in anyway shape of form. Also the late payments, I'm currently still owed somewhere in the region of £200-£300 by C&V Leaflet Distribution and I know others who are struggling to pay their bills thanks C&V Leaflet Distribution (Colin and Vicky) I have tried multiple times to contact both of these via Mobile numbers, Business Numbers, Email and Facebook. After using Facebook to try contact Colin it was clear I was never going to get my money as it shows up he has seen the message and point blank ignored me. Although the distribution side of the company is meant to be to a good standing, at what cost. We have a 30 minute lunch break and are expected to hit 1000+ leaflets a day not taking into account for weather conditions, house types nothing. If we don't reach these we are told we're poor distributors and cant do the job, when in fact the Royal Mail targets are lower than that. I urge to everyone wanting to use C&V Leaflet Distribution to not do it.

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