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Canine Angel

4 star rating

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Animal Services > Animal Care and Grooming

Flat 43, Romsley Hill Grange, Farley Lane,
Rowley Regis, West Midlands, B62 0LN

Tel 01562 710005

Mob 07814 500291


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Canine Angel is the culmination of a life long passion for animal welfare, by fanatical founder Nikki Brown. Qualified in both human and dog pyschology, Nikki truly is a fountain of knowledge, when it comes to analysing and overcoming the problems and heartaches shared by dogs and their owners. Nikki has spent a life time gathering experience in canine behaviour and body language and has an astounding ability to truly understand the mind of a dog.

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Craig T - 01/02/2009

4 star rating

As first time dog owners we had no problems with calling in a dog psychologist, as we quickly realised how little we knew, even though there are some good books on the subject, Nikki provided us with experienced insight and answers to our own personal problems with Suki. Nikki was calm, professional and very knowledgeable, putting us at ease immediately and giving us the feeling that both we and our dog were in expert hands. We found Nikkiʼs insight into observing and controlling Sukiʼs moods and energy levels through the use of body language and non verbal signals to be most helpful and fascinating. Not Only did Suki relax into a happy state of mind during the visit but she also seemed to actively enjoy the experience! After Nikki’s visit we found Suki to be more relaxed and less prone to energetic “manic periods” with her better able to slow down and spend time by her self without seeking constant attention from us. We would definitely recommend Nikki to any friends that were experiencing any sort of problems with their dog!

Jean C - 02/02/2009

4 star rating

"After seeking help and advice from friends, family and vets for the past 10 years for help with my ongoing problem with George, I came across Nikki at a Psychic Fair. She mentioned she was an Animal Healer and I asked her for her advice with my 12 year old German Shepherd George. On Nikki’s visit she put me and George totally at ease and diagnosed the problem very quickly. George had taken it upon himself to be the leader and was on constant guard duty, looking after me and my house! Nikki explained that George had been under a tremendous amount of stress trying to be the leader of the pack and had taken it upon him self to communicate this to me by chewing obsessively at his legs. Nikki applied her Energy Healing Therapy to George and removed a lot of the heat and stress his body was holding onto. He really responded very well to this treatment and relaxed into a calm state very quickly. Nikki’s easy to follow treatment programme has been the most valuable advice I have ever received, and it worked wonders on George. Nikki returned for follow up treatment we both noticed that George was a totally different dog, happy and “puppy like” again! For the first time in his life his legs had shown significant healing and recovery! I am so grateful Nikki came along in our lives when she did! She is indeed an Angel."

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